Disclaimer: all non-original characters belong to their creators and will be returned in the condition I found them in when I've finished playing. My own characters are available on loan individually or in a special Party Pack but I want them back undamaged.

Original stuff:

Rings of Black Crayon Dodgy goth smut. m/m with f/f and m/f implied.

The Marquee Club, Late One Night Slashy poem I wrote while I was living in Edinburgh way back when.


The Administration Universe:

My Fanfic of the dystopian near-future world created by the wonderful Manna, whose stories can be found here. Marianne, Dariel and their associates belong to me.

Available as html or text.

Trust is Only Dangerous (html)

Trust is Only Dangerous (text)


Once Upon a Time in Mexico (I admit it, this is my fandom that's All About the Pretty. And the guns, obviously.):

Mexico Sucks Sands in Protective Custody. It's bound to go horribly wrong...

Routine Follows on from 'Mexico Sucks' more or less. There will be another story to fill in the gaps later.

Crossing Boundaries The sequel-proper to 'Mexico Sucks'. El has to adapt to new countries and new challenges. Starting with how to handle Sands. Part I, Part II (companion to 'Routine'), Part III

Wealth Other Than Coin Sequel to 'Crossing Boundaries. Definitely rates an 18 for smut content.

Back To Basics Part I Sequel to 'Wealth Other Than Coin' Sands looks for opportunities and old acquaintances may be catching up with the pair.

Back To Basics Part II Sands meets with a former employer, El is suspicious.

Back To Basics Part III Sands and El both both learn a few things, think stuff over, and meet new people.

Road Trips and Recruiting Part I Sands starts to assemble his team and El finally loses control.

Road Trips and Recruiting Part II Sands and El get the rest of the team together.

Road Trips and Recruiting Part III El meets the youngest member of the team, and the three shop for guns.

Causing Mayhem Down Mexico Way The big shoot-out.

Mexican Epilogue Tying up the last few loose ends..

August Ficlet following on from the above series. Imagine a wall, once part of a Greek or Roman building, half-shaded from the Mediterranean sun by an old -- but not quite that old -- tree. One man is sitting on it reading; the other lies along it, his head in the first's lap. They are not local, but nor are they your usual tourists.


Toronto, January 1994 Movie prequel, set in the 'Mexico Sucks' universe. Sands from a stranger's point of view. No sex, some drug use.

January 1994 Revisited Companion piece to the above. Sands' view of events.

Toronto, April 1994 Sequel to the above. Sands is still around; Marianne wonders about why.

Toronto, June 1994 Sequel to the above. More pre-movie Sands, causing and/or getting into trouble. 'Still in Toronto, not dead yet. And that addiction thing? Perfectly under control.'

Lunchbox (June 1994 Revisited) Companion piece to the above. The morning after, and the origins of one of Sands' little quirks.

Toronto, August 1994 In which things go very wrong for all concerned.

Saturday Night's Alright Original character ficlet, giving some background to events occurring after Sands left Toronto. Violence and battle-trauma kink.

Crocodile Rock The sequel to Saturday Night's Alright. It's all about the sex.


Do You Trust Me? I don't do PWPs and I don't do drabbles so I've no idea where this came from. Sands/El, Three by one hundred words, candles and cuteness.


The Sixth Thing That Never Happened to Sheldon Jeffrey Sands This was lurking in my head for a good six months before I wrote it. AU, completely unrelated to anything else I've done in the fandom. Technically this would probably be classified as a 15 rather than an 18 but it's nasty. Inspired by Permetaform's excellent Five Things That Never Happened to Sheldon Jeffrey Sands.


Need, Or Lack Thereof Post-movie fluffy-angst. Ramirez has issues; Sands does nothing to help.

Pancakes Even fluffier sequel to 'Need'. Ramirez can't cope with Sands being nice to him. Of course Manna writes slashy pancake-fic much better than I do.


Star Wars Original Trilogy

Sometimes You Don't Need a Reason Prequel crossover with 'Blakes 7' Han Solo is looking for some fun in the Federation. (Originally appeared in the Connotations 'Book of Smutty Days')


The Buffyverse:

Design Features Long Buffy/Blakes 7 cross-over. Spike being a bit more punk.

Two Gals Just Getting By is a sequel of sorts and will be appearing here once it's been in print for the required length of time first.


Nice Ethan, need, and obsession. A double drabble. Just Say No.


Mugs of Tea in Bed Ethan was no one much before he met Rupert and Diedre.


Not Quite the Emerald City Ethan and Lorne post 'A New Man' and 'Not Fade Away'. 10 x 100 words. Because they *can* work together.

Doing the Tourist Thing Lorne and Ethan in London.

Giles, Willow and Some Otters Previously published in the 2005 Connotations Zine. Lorne and Ethan have some rather familiar visitors.

A Letter Following the events in Manchester, Giles writes to Ethan.

Bibliophilia Back in London again: Giles, Anya and some rare books.


Big Beat From Badsville Part One Written as a gift for Glossolalia. Missing scene from 'Dead Man's Party'. Giles and Oz getting stoned and vaguely flirting.

Big Beat From Badsville Part Two Written as a birthday gift for Glitterboy and Glossolalia. Following the events of 'Tabula Rasa'. Giles and Tara move on. As does Oz.


Blakes 7

My first Avon/Vila universe:

Rural Idyll Blakes 7 slash. Set between Rumours of Death and Sarcophagus.

Respite B7:B5 cross-over, following on from Rural Idyll but set during S3 of B5. Not particularly explicit.


Cross-overs between 'Andromeda' and 'Blakes 7' with a few other bits. Very silly:

In A Spaceport Bar Somewhere My plans to write Andromeda slash were temporarily thwarted by the entire crew getting massacred at the end of series one. My first thought was How Blakes 7. And thus developed...

That Spaceport Again More cross-over madness.


A bunch of straight-smut stories, the first two written in response to challenges by Steve and Harriet respectively:

Avon and Servalan in a Locked Room Written in response to a challenge, shortly to be appearing in print and so taken down for now, it then spawned...

Vila and Servalan in a Just-Unlocked Room The missing scene...

Driftwood Blake searches for meaning after Star One and looks up an old acquaintance in Freedom City.

Don't You Want Me, Baby? Soolin tried to make a life for herself after leaving Gauda Prime. She made a friend on Jevron, but when he was recalled to Space Command she threw her lot in with first Dorian and then Avon's crew before ultimately returning to Gauda Prime to face the man who killed her friend. First published in the 'Dead Boyfriend of The Month' zine.


My most prolific B7 Universe, including a link to my PGP Vila/Avon epic:

Tales From The Pear Tree PreTWB ficlet; probably fits in best if read after 'Old Wounds'


While It Lasts First in a planned series of stories from Vila's point of view.

Makin' the Most of It Second in the series.

Old Wounds Third in the Series.

Past and Present Fourth in the series, three linked stories (the third involves original characters doing their own thing).


Vila's Diary, Season Four Other seasons may follow. Don't ask me why I did the last one first.


And Now? The PGP epic. Parts One and Two written so far.

Something New Every Day A small diversion within the Sex, Booze Bank Robbery era of the above PGP.

Night Club Another small diversion within the Sex, Booze Bank Robbery era of the above PGP. Toreth is of course borrowed from the wonderful Manna, whose stories can be found here.


The Surreality Universe. A series of short and very strange pieces, B7 post an alternate 'Blake':

House of Stairs, House of Cards Surreality with a title that relates to Escher artwork.

Ascending and Descending Companion piece to HoS,HoC. One possible explanation of how they got to that point.

Day and Night The next one. Vila POV this time.

Contrast (Order and Chaos) And another. Tarrant POV, a rarity for me.

Rebuilding Avon's side of things.

Restoring Some Semblance of Order Possibly the last. Dayna POV.

The End of It All? So I wrote some more. Major angst warning.

Last Chance Saloon Less angst and a heterosexual pairing.

Jesse James I found a new anti-hero for the series. There will probably be more at some point...


The 'Working the Graveyard Shift' Universe. I had a few ideas for little snippets that don't really fit into the novel so I'm collecting them here for now.

After the Battle Sort of cute and set straight after the prologue to the novel.


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