Contrast (Order and Chaos)

A Pink Dormouse Production


I’ve had enough of this. Things are definitely going to change when I get back to the ship. Gun running for pitifully ill-prepared rebel groups is hardly what I call Fighting the Federation.

I hate all of it. Hate that I have to protect Dayna from drunken crewmen every night. Hate that even if we threw all of them off at the next planet the replacements we got would be no better. Hate that we could have a better ship, one that we could crew ourselves if we had only seen fit to leave those two useless lunatics to rot on Gauda.

If I had my way, we’d leave the pair of them now, them, the crew and the ship. But Dayna won’t go without Soolin and Soolin won’t leave the others. So, we’re stuck like this, going nowhere until we die. Or someone dies. I’ve a good mind to... No, can’t think like that. But he would have done once, wouldn’t he? Sacrificed the rest of us for his own life? Only fair I should return the favour.

No, I’m better than that; I won’t kill an unarmed man, two unarmed men, if it comes down to it. Not even if it meant the three of us left stood a better chance. There must be another way. The credits we earned today will keep us, what? Another month? By then we’ll have another job, another month’s worth of credits. And all the while the Federation gets stronger, destroys more rebel groups, subjugates more planets and all because the people lost hope, lost even the pretence that someone would rise up to save them.

Soon as I get back though, we’re going to have to talk about things, the three of us. Four of us, if Vila puts in an appearance. Maybe if I actually took charge of the situation, acted like a true leader, they might stop acting like Avon’s going to get better. Then we’ll just find somewhere safe to drop him off, trade the ship in for something smaller and faster and get on with finding a way out of all this.

Then again, I could always just kill him...


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