Day and Night

A Pink Dormouse Production

I don’t trust any of ‘em to be honest. They’ve all got it in for him. And me, most likely. Can’t say I blame ‘em. What’s it been now, twelve months? An’ he hasn’t spoken to any of them, only to me. An’ that not very often.

Not that I blame him. Can’t have bin easy, seein’ Blake like that. I didn’t look but I gather it wasn’t pretty. Face shot off, gapin’ hole where his chest should’ve bin. No I’m glad I didn’t see. And all that on top of the crash. Which came after all the other near misses. Which came after the deaths, her death. No it wasn’t easy for him to stay sane as long as he did.

We were all to tired when we found the base, of course, otherwise I should have realised, stopped them all rushin’ in like that. Not that Avon wanted to go in, don’t think he wanted to do anything to be honest, except maybe sleep. But we followed them anyway. An’ then I was too busy tryin’ not to throw up- and failing- to see him practically trip over Blake. But I heard him, and then I heard the others, screaming at him an’ then at each other. And I just froze, until Tarrant practically threw him at me an’ yelled at us to get out.

I think it was Soolin’s idea to give ‘em all decent burial, an’ Dayna’s idea to use explosives. But then I wasn’t really listening, I was too busy tryin’ to get through to Avon, when he jus’ kept mutterin’ about everyone bein’ dead. I didn’t look at the base gettin' blown up, tried to shut the noise out of me head too. Then Tarrant yelled at us to get movin’ an’ I had to practically drag Avon.

God, but that man’s a slave driver. Why he made us march non-stop through the woods for so long when he knew none of us were up to it, I’ll never know. I just shut him out as best I could an’ I don’t think Avon knew he was there at all.

It was the girls got us this ship. Worse heap o’ junk than Scorpio if you ask me. Which no one does. Worse than ever in that respect, the lot of ‘em. So we stay locked in this cabin most of the time. I don’t trust any of them enough to leave him alone much.

He’s almost lucid sometimes. Usually when he hasn’t had to not look at them for a couple of days. He just can’t believe that we’re all still alive, when Blake’s dead. On his good days or, more usually, good nights things’re almost like they used to be. It’s always him that initiates it- I’ve seen the way Soolin looks at me the next day- an’ usually he knows it’s me an’ not Blake.

One day I’m goin’ to get us both out of here. Preferably before things get any shittier than they already are. I’ve bin doin’ a lot of thinkin’ lately an’ I think I know somewhere we’ll be safe. Now all I have to do is convince the others to take us there...


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