Do you Trust Me?

A Pink Dormouse Production


"Do you trust me?" El extinguished another candle.

Sands, face-down under thin cotton sheets, lay perfectly still.

"If I said 'yes', would you come to bed?"

"You started without me anyway."

"That's not the point. But yes, I damn well trust you. Come over here or I'll finish without you as well."

El extinguished the penultimate candle. He picked up the last, using it to light his route to the bed.

"Are you sure you trust me?" He pulled the sheets back, tilting the candle until a drop of red wax congealed in the air and fell towards pale skin.


Wax landed in the small of Sands' back and he arched into the mattress. He pulled his hands out from under him and reached towards the headboard, wrists pressed together.

"Tie them."

He heard the sheets rip and then felt strips of rough cotton pull tight - almost too tight - into his flesh, then the bed dipped on either side of his legs as El straddled him.

The bed moved again as El leaned forward to blow on the nape of Sands' neck. The anticipation was strangely exhilarating. 

"Going to take all night about it?"

"We've got all night."


El picked up the candle again. He ran his fingers lightly down Sands' spine then tilted the candle again.

Sands thrust into the mattress as each drop hit his skin.

El laid out a row of dots down each side of Sands' spine then went back to the start again, to join them up.

Sands pulled against his bindings, making sounds that could almost be words of prayer.

Another drop into the small of his back and Sands convulsed then lay still.

El set the candle on the side-table and opened the drawer below.

"I haven't finished with you yet."



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