The End of It All?

A Pink Dormouse Production


He killed him. Bastard. Just when things were starting to look up that bastard went and killed him… Got to calm down… Right, think about this. I knew I couldn’t trust Tarrant, he’s had it in for us from the start, Avon especially. The way he kept looking at us, I should have known he’d do something like this.

I need to see Avon, prove to myself that he’s really dead... Ah, no doubt about it with a hole in his chest that size... At least it proves he did have a heart... Think I’ll just be sick now... Thanks, Soolin. Yeah, I’ll just get back to me room now, shall I?

I keep asking myself, why Avon? Why now when he was getting his head together again? Suppose it’ll be me next. Not going down without a fight, me. Gonna get myself some sort of protection before I do anything else. Means going back out there but needs must and they must’ve all gone to bed now. Got to be brave, not panic and all that.

Okay, I’m definitely calm now. Found this big fucking gun in one of the weapons lockers. Soolin keeps them locked for some reason. Not going to stop me, that, now is it?

Think I’ll just stay here for a bit, figure out the best way to do things.

Tarrant’s got to go, knew that as soon as he pulled the trigger and shot Avon. Dunno about Dayna, she looked shocked enough but what if she was in on it all along and just acting? Soolin’s on our side, her and Avon were talking things over before Tarrant ruined things. Can me an’ Soolin cope on our own? Perhaps. Think I’ll give Dayna the benefit of the doubt. Going to be bad enough having to do Tarrant.

Can’t do it. It should be so simple, right? Just go out there, find him and blast him out of existence. That’s what he did to Avon after all. Avon’d do it. But then look where that got Avon.

Think I’ll keep this gun though. Just for protection.

Someone at the door, better pick the gun up just in case.




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