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Hello, good evening, welcome... to nothing much (Gratuitous Carter reference).

Here we find my writings of a fictional and poetic nature. No looking at the adult stuff if you aren't a legal adult where you come from or if you're easily offended.

I'm sort of working on updating and developing a ratings system for the stories. Please bear with me on this.

I don't make any money from fanfic. I don't make money from the original stuff at the moment. I just like writing.


Adult Stuff Mostly fanfic, some original stories and poems. May involve any of the following: sex, drugs, violence, psychological weirdness and non-heterosexual characters. Sometimes all of those. To avoid upsetting anyone at all I've put anything that portrays other people's characters getting involved with each other non-canonically here, even if it's pretty tame. I may get around to reshuffling the stories at the next update.

Other Stuff General Audience stories and poems. Some non-heterosexual original characters but nothing that would merit above a PG certificate if translated to the Big Screen. Not much in the way of fanfic as my totally gen stuff usually ends up in zines. At some point I'll add a list of what is in print or has been submitted and where it can be found.





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