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Dear Ethan,

I returned to London to find that a member of the old Watchers' Council had backed up a lot of their more recent records onto a remote server. The upshot of it is, I now have a collection of photographs of someone who was should have been very special to me. She died back in Sunnydale and now she's bloody well haunting me, but obviously the Council as it was then thought her origins important enough to open a file on her. (She was an ex-demon if you must know)

It got me thinking about not knowing what's important until it's too late. I'm going to give you some advice, and for once I'd like you to actually take notice of it. Hang on to Lorne -- he seems like a decent enough bloke. Tell him he matters. And don't go playing bloody stupid games just because you can. Everyone needs someone even those of us who don't deserve it.

In case you're even remotely interested, I'm enclosing a copy of one of the photos.

Yours (well, not anymore)


PS I stand by what I said to Lorne. I'll do my best to see that no one bothers either of you.

PPS There are some old photos of you here as well. Don't know if you want them, but give me a shout if you do.


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