A Pink Dormouse Production

He made friends with the needle before he discovered magic. The hit was better than any amount of alcohol, better than any drug he could smoke, better than sex. Ethan knew from the start that it was all too easy to start the spiral into addiction, loss of status, the streets, death, so he looked for other ways to fly, both literal and figurative.

Ethan met Ripper - before he was Ripper - in a bookshop behind the British Museum. Ritual magic replaced the ritual of cooking up and shooting up. Ethan found that love, that longing, could be an addiction too.

Ripper never asked about the track-marks; the others never asked where Ethan learned to hit a vein first time, every time when they performed blood rituals.

When it all went wrong, and he lost Ripper, Ethan still had magic to fall back on. Chaos was dark, it was dangerous, but, as the years went by, the needle gained threats more deadly than mere addiction.

Decades later, when the Initiative had taken his magic, then thrown him out on the streets, and Ripper could not bear to even look at him, then the needle was the only friend he had left.


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