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Original Fiction

Visions of the Woman, Part 1 A story I wrote in Edinburgh. Works on its own but further parts may emerge from the same source at some point. The music on the jukebox dates it a bit.

Forever A poem I wrote back when I lived in Edinburgh.

Universal Love Story Another poem from way back.

Sympathy for Whom? A short piece of original fiction about the nature of temptation. Draws on a number of rock'n'roll and blues mythologies.


Blakes 7 gen fic

Thoughts on the Fall of Empires Gen B7 fic about Jenna, mostly. Not my characters, mostly. A print version of this story can be found in 'Tales From Space City 7'.

Retirement written for b7friday on Live Journal. AU branching off somewhere between 'Orac' and 'Weapon' (which you're welcome to interpret as being in my 'Graveyard Shift' AU, or not).

Prior Knowledge written for b7friday again. Soolin knew some of the subjects of Vila's stories. 


Buffyverse gen:

Keys, and the Plural of Apocalypse AU: Anya rejects Xander's proposal in 'The Gift' and considers leaving town before the world ends. Giles has other ideas.

Dying In Slow Motion AU: Anya sits with Giles during 'Grave' and they both think things over. Written for Lyssie in the Multifandom Lyricwheel Ficathon.


Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid gen:

High Water and Rising Butch and Sundance right before the end. Written for Knight Random in the Multifandom Lyricwheel Ficathon.




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