Prior Knowledge

A Pink Dormouse Production

In the long evenings on Xenon Vila liked to tell stories. He would tell stories of happier times, stories of safer times, stories of when the good guys won. He told them to Soolin, who listened but never answered with any of her own.

She did not tell the story of the Travis she had known -- the bitter but still essentially honourable officer, living on half-pay on a fringe world where everything cost more than it should thanks to Federation bureaucracy. That man had saved her from Dorian the first time around, and then become her friend, her confidant and, however briefly, her lover.

No matter how many stories Vila told Soolin of what Travis had become, her memories of him stayed unsullied. The stories about her life with Dorian, after Travis had gone back to Earth, she locked away and told herself she had forgotten.

Maybe it was because others did not have her ability to forget, but Soolin did not tell any other stories either. The stories of where she had really gone after their return from Malodar, in that month when she claimed to be searching out the lost technologies of the Seska, and the hidden technology -- now lost also -- of the Hommiks.

She did not tell Vila how she had gone back to that frontier world where she had once lived, the world where later, it was said, Blake had died. Nor did she tell how from there she followed a trail that led back to the planet where she had been born.

She did not, would not, tell Vila about the Blake she had found there. She did not tell him of the Blake she had picked up in some sleazy bar, like the common whore she had never quite been. And she certainly was not going to tell him that her Blake had been nothing like the Blake of Vila's stories. The Blake she had found could stay on Gauda Prime as far as she was concerned.

Let Vila and Avon carry their memories of the Blake they had known. Let the rebels and common people of the galaxy remember Blake the legend, Blake of the Liberator. Blake the bounty hunter could stay on Gauda Prime, where all the scum of the galaxy washed up eventually.

Besides, once they had Zukan on their side, why would any of them need Blake?



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