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It was the smell of the place that stayed with me longest. The blood and the smoke and the seared flesh. The piss and the shit and the vomit. Burnt bodies, burned alive, buried memories. And then finding that, I hesitate to say it, that- corpse- that used to be Blake. Well anyone would be excused a little madness wouldn’t they?

It wasn’t just that I lost all belief in the others, I lost all belief in myself as well. Everywhere I turned I saw that awful place, made worse now the hunger, and the thirst, and the last traces of concussion had worn off and I could see things for how they really were. No one survived the senseless destruction of Blake’s base; none of us survived that crash. All that is left is a shattered wreck of a ship, a burnt out ruin in a forest and a hulk of a cruiser going nowhere.

Yes, I know there is more beyond these four walls, outside that locked door. I go there sometimes, but then I see the ghosts of people I knew, people who died because of me. The ghosts talk to me; I ignore them, but still they talk. It’s Vila who is more solid than the rest. Sometimes I dream that things are as they were before we all died on Gauda Prime and then he becomes real and we are as we were. The ghost talks like Vila, responds to me like Vila, follows me like Vila did.

Something feels different today though, nothing I can pinpoint and say ‘this is different’ but a definite change is in the air none the less. Going out into the corridor I see Soolin, and it is She, not just a ghost so maybe all is not lost. Maybe Vila is real too. I go back to the cabin and ask him about it.

Reassured that I am in fact seeing what is truly there, I seek out Soolin. We pass a few pleasantries then I ask the All Important Question.

"So what have you been doing this past year?"

She looks at me uncomfortably.

"We, well we... Tarrant wanted to throw you off the ship. I disagreed. And we couldn’t exactly go into battle the way things were."

"So you’ve done nothing? I can see some changes shall have to be made around here. When do Tarrant and Dayna get back?"

Twenty four hours. One day. ‘An intelligent man can adapt’ I said once. Well, I adapted. And now we shall see if the others can.


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