Rings of Black Crayon

A Pink Dormouse Production

Another Disclaimer: all characters are entirely fictitious. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is entirely the fault of the goths concerned and nothing to do with me.

Act 1


Another Thursday, another goth night. This being the start of a new academic year Elspeth and Danny had arrived early in order to bag the table offering the best view of the entire club. She carried a Bic biro and a reporters pad, he a pencil and sketchbook. As editors of a popular ‘zine they had to be constantly prepared to collect gossip.

Danny began to doodle; Elspeth followed his gaze over to the mirrors on the far wall.

"Looks like someone found time to buy a whole new wardrobe while he was in the States."

Tall, thin and ageless Ed was, for some the epitome of the town’s goth scene. Commanding a six figure income from his family’s publishing business some thought him cold and aloof but he had a sense of style that all admired.

"That man’s vanity knows no bounds."

"Can you blame him?"

"You’ll never get another chance- he took no notice of you that time he took us home and you’ll notice he’s been trying to get me on my own ever since. I bet he only went for the pair of us ‘cos he’s got a thing for siblings and the Hayes sisters had already turned him down."

"Haven’t they both slept with his sister?"

"Not at the same time. Now stop drooling and see if you can find me a cute fresher or two…"

Danny tore his gaze away from the object of his crush and scanned the room.

"Three o’clock. He more your type?"

The newcomer wore a silk suit, his blue hair in an elaborate french plait. As he walked away from the bar the twins intercepted him.

"Hi, we’re Danny and Elspeth: wanna come sit with us?"

"Sure. I’m Jamie by the way."

"Ok. We edit ‘Dusk ‘til Dawn’ if you ever fancy contributing."

"You do? That ‘zine swayed my choice of Uni.’"

The three settled back down at their table as Elspeth began to point out familiar characters to the stranger.

"The Hayes Sisters- stay on the right side of them and they’ll tell you where you can find anything you might want to buy."

"Trish- she’ll give you a good time but don’t expect it to be permanent as she’s got a thing for Ed, who’s over there. Danny really fancies him too but he’s straight."

"Lou- Ed’s sister, she’s the black sheep of the family, fixes cars and stuff."

"Emily and Rog- they’re inseparable but they also give the best parties."

"I’ll never remember them all."

"Don’t worry, they’re a friendly enough bunch so you can take your time getting to know them."



A term had passed. Jamie and the other freshers had integrated into the scene and the twins were almost ready to send a new issue to the printers.

Come 11pm Ed was talking to Lou about an upcoming family wedding and speculating whom they should invite as partners.

"How about Izzy? She’s cute."

"You ask her then- I know who I want to invite: if she’s speaking to me now. Hey, Jamie."

Ed had taken a shine to the boy- anyone with nearly as much style as himself was far better as a friend than as a rival. Besides he’d wager good money on something serious developing between Jamie and young Danny Malone before the end of this term.

"I brought those DVDs back"

"Thanks. My jacket’s behind the bar if you want to ask someone to leave them with it. And Jamie…" He pulled a crisp twenty out of his wallet, "get a round in while you’re there."

Lou gave her brother a quizzical look as the boy walked away.

"I’m telling you: he’s got a bit of a thing for you, dear brother."

"Nah- he’s one of Danny and Elspeth’s little hacks."

"Danny’s bad enough on his own- I couldn’t cope with two of them."

"Hmmph." Lou pretended that she’d only just realised her potential date was lurking elsewhere and stalked across to invite Izzy to the event in question.

Meanwhile Jamie was returning with drinks, change and a very excited Danny:

"Party this Saturday. Emily and Rog celebrating their anniversary or something. You going, Ed?"

"I expect so- I should be in the country."

"Oh, please! You don’t have to rub it in about all your business trips."

Ed resisted the urge to respond: it was getting dangerously close to flirtation and he didn’t want to give Danny any more encouragement.

"So, Jamie, are you invited?"

"Guess so. I was wondering about going down to Camden but that can wait until a weekend when nothing’s happening here."

So Danny and Jamie were both going… That should make things easier for him. And if they kept each other occupied then maybe he’d be able to patch things up with Elspeth. She seemed as keen on Jamie as her brother was but surely they weren’t playing with him at the same time… and if not, then she should be free about 50% of the time.


Ed wasn’t sure what anniversary they were celebrating. He distinctly remembered Emily and Rog getting together over the summer some three years ago and they’d definitely owned the house less than a year. But they had appreciated his gift of champagne and now he was enjoying his drink and the food Emily had provided.

No sign of Elspeth yet but no Danny or Jamie either so they were obviously still getting ready. Lou and Izzy were getting along like a house on fire so no point in disturbing them right now.

The trio were arriving at last, with homemade cakes and biscuits. Ed moved over to greet them.


"Ed… Well?"

"Did I hear you were looking for one more ‘zine article on clothes?"

"Not from you."

That stung- he didn’t know what he’d done to antagonise her but it was almost certainly undeserved. He wasn’t sure if it stemmed from the one night they had spent together, or from his subsequent rejection of Danny. Not that he’d ever felt any attraction to the boy- he’d invited Elspeth and her twin had tagged along. Nothing significant had happened between the men but he’d fucked Elspeth and maybe Danny had expected more for himself so now his sister was being over-protective. Or maybe it stemmed from something else entirely…

"Elspeth, please. Whatever I’ve done to offend you, can’t we just forget about it?"

"Look, Ed, Danny’s the one that thinks you’re some sort of god’s gift: not me. If you want me to be civil just back off."

Elspeth spun on her heel and stalked out of the kitchen, leaving Ed more confused than ever but still determined to ask her to accompany him to the wedding.


Later that evening.

Ed leaned against the wall, his cheek still burning where Elspeth had slapped him ten minutes earlier. He’d drunk too much but right now he didn’t care. He turned towards a sudden noise and Jamie spun in and out of focus.

"No… Danny?"

"He took Elspeth home. You really have had too much champagne, haven’t you. Maybe it was the brandy you were topping it up with? I think you should lie down.

Ed nodded slowly hoping the room wouldn’t start spinning again. Jamie pushed the nearest door open and led him into a bedroom. Ed lay on the bed,

the room was spinning again and he was dimly aware of Jamie sitting next to him stroking his hair. This wasn’t happening, it was obviously a very strange dream: he could feel hands unbuttoning his shirt and then someone was pinching his nipples, running their hands down over his torso, unfastening his jeans. Need to wake up…

Someone’s mouth on his mouth, a voice telling him to relax. Hands inside his jeans ("Black silk, niice…")- surely he was too drunk to be this aroused?

Hands again: touching, caressing, stroking… He’d never dreamed this vividly before- could he direct it?

("Suck me…") Mouth obligingly around his cock, tongue flicking over the glans. This felt too good, never in his wildest dreams- but this was his dream, wasn’t it?

Going to come soon… the pace slowed- teasing, tantalising. Not sure how long I can take this. Nothing can be this good. Don’t let me wake up.

He moaned, gave in to the insistent mouth, then…nothing.


Ed woke the next day with a killer hangover. He was in Emily and Rog’s guest bed, his clothes neatly folded on a chair.

That dream- it had been a dream? It had been so vivid.

But his head hurt too much to figure it out right now.

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