Restoring Some Semblance of Order

A Pink Dormouse Production


Things just go from bad to worse. Every trip off the ship should be a chance to recover but just makes the reality that bit more unbearable. I tell Tarrant I would leave were it not for Soolin but that’s not entirely true. I stay for all of them. For what we were. For what we may be again one day. ‘Where there’s life, there’s hope’ didn’t someone say?

We were a team once. Us against the Federation. Now we just drift, not anyone’s fault, just the way things are. It makes Tarrant angry and I try to soothe him but it feels like I am no longer enough.

I know he wants out. I know he only stays because I do. But if he would only see things the way I see them, he’d know that I can’t abandon anyone.

There has to be a way. If we can just inspire enough groups on enough planets then maybe there will be an uprising after all. If that is all we do, well then maybe that was all we could do.

We dock with the ship as we have so many times this past year. Step out into the landing bay, just as we always do. Then something different.

Avon is leaning on a bulkhead, wearing clothes I’ve never seen him in before, looking almost... normal.

"Well now, Tarrant, is this all you could find to do in my... absence."

Tarrant goes for his gun before I realise.

I don’t know what we can do now.



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