Kaldor City: Taren Capel

  The fourth audio play in the series, and the best yet in my opinion. Gemma says "dramatic and pacy" and she's a Media Production student so I'll take that as being an official assessment. All the favourites are back and on top form, with their own individual agendas twisting and turning more than ever.

  As always the sound effects give a great background atmosphere and enable the listener to picture scenes far better than some theatre shows.

  Carnell is most definitely the star of the show, calmly playing chess in the face of adversity (although he does have a perfectly good reason for that: he just fails to tell the others what it is).

  Cotton is both gleefully violent and randomly heroic. And there's even a hint that he's brighter than most of the other characters seem to think he is. I did mention that I'm a Cotton fan, didn't I? Gemma's a Rull fan (which just goes to prove she isn't me).

  Rull and Cotton are, of course, still the voice of the common man with little time for their superiors and give us a few snippets of what life is like on Kaldor to boot.

  Uvanov and Landerchild are trying harder than ever to get one up on each other with Landerchild seemingly getting the advantage this time.

  I would have liked to know more about the rebels and their organisation(s) but maybe that will come in later episodes.

  We get more hints of Iago and Carnell's pasts with hints at 'Blakes 7' in the references by both to the Butcher of Zircaster and some very Avonic lines by Iago, "Your future is safe... with me" for one. Plus the story refers back far more than previous episodes to 'Robots of Death'.

  And finally, that's one great cliffhanger that the story ends on.

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