Star One March 2003

Star One Report: Saturday

  Set off for Bedford only a little later than I intended in perfect MG weather: blue sky, not too much wind, enough cloud not to let things get too hot. The last was most welcome as there were lots of roadworks on the way and small older cars with nig engines don't react well to traffic jams.

  Made it to Bedford in good time but took a long time finding the hotel, usual British road-signing (lack of). Checked into hotel (small room which was reached by going through bar, past toilets and out onto patio then round past the building work), changed into big boots and set off on foot to the con. Was impressed by gay-geek navigational aids: Warwick Street and Harpur Street (wrong spelling but useful none the less).

  Registered at con desk and bought ticket for the cabaret with a quick panic about What To Wear and whether leather trousers counted as jeans or not, decided that they were canonical and therefore fine.

  Went upstairs and located people I knew by simple method of finding Jem first (navigation by tall persons). Jem gave me his Redemption photos:

Me and Barry; Me with uv-reactive boots; Me and Jem 

  Krizu produced her sketchbook and Jem did an admirable job of screening us from potential guest intrusion as we flicked through her various drawings of variable dubiousness. Not that he looked at any of them, obviously.

  I wasn't planning on going to many of the guest panels but I think I attended about half in the end. The guests were all very interesting as I hadn't heard that much of what they had to say first-hand before.

  Jem and I did another photo-sesh and the same shot ended up on at least four people's cameras. Then it was off to Flip and Louise's room with Jem and Steve and some girlie chatting (sorry boys!). The zip on my recently-repaired leathers chose that moment to break again, fortunately I was wearing a waistcoat that just about hid it.

  Even more fortunately Ruth was at the next panel with safety pins so I could make a temporary zip-repair. Sally, Jan and Sally's dog were on stage at that point.

  The daytime entertainment was rounded off by the charity auction. I lurked at the back with Jem and Marian in a little Travisoid enclave. As usual with these things anything I wanted to bid on went for far more than I could afford.

  Jem and Steve went home and I retreated to my hotel to change into my other leather trousers and my other white shirt.

  Back to the main hotel by taxi and I found Gemma and Ruth and Val and Linda. The cabaret was good but I would have liked an official entertainment that went on longer. I walked back to Gemma and Ruth's hotel with them but apparently other con-goers gatecrashed a wedding. The other two were tired so I called another taxi (three hotels in one night: wonder what they thought of me) and went back to my room where I actually managed a decent night's sleep.


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