Star One March 2003

Star One Report: Sunday

  Woke up early with the vague threat of a headache. The hotel did a good Full English Breakfast which almost made up for my forgetting to pack ibuprofen.

  Checked out of hotel and packed stuff into MG. Unlike the day before it didn't want to start, which I put down to fog and damp (poor old thing is much happier if garaged overnight). Finally got engine started only to stall in the car park exit. Journey between hotels was nerve wracking and involved lots of stalling at lights and much swearing. Finally Torvin stalled in the middle of the Moat House car park and refused to consider sparking at all. We were saved by a pair of con-goers who pushed him into an empty space and I crossed my fingers that a day in the sun would dry him out and Fix Everything.

  The first guest panel was Sally and Jackie talking about theatre and the lack of roles for older actresses (or actors for that matter. I find this a shame as some of my favourite OC's are over 40 (yes, you are Marianne, don't look at me like that). I was interested to learn that Jackie was originally left-handed and that both she and Sally had been forced to use their right at school but that Sally had reverted to using the left for most things.

  They were followed by Paul and Scott and lots of name dropping by Paul especially. Then it was the auction for the afternoon coffee clubs. I had been wondering about bidding for Sally's session but she'd dropped out feeling unwell and her place had been taken by Paul's wife, Janet. I expect she would have been interesting but there were a lot of people who seemed to want to ask her about Paul so I put my tenner in for Scott instead.

  Louise proved that it is possible to embarrass both Steve and me, or is it that Louise can embarrass anyone? I know we said we were going to sell zines but we had planned to be discrete, not jump on passing strangers.

  Over lunch I gave Louise my criticism of her stories, including mentioning all the bits I liked. It does have potential, it just needs lots of tidying up. Still a good first effort: everyone should at least try to write something.

  I bought photos and the new Kaldor City CD and queued for autographs. Jacqueline Pearce reduced me to a babbling fangirl by smiling at me so I didn't manage to say much to Scott Fredericks that made any sense. By the time it was my turn to speak to Paul and Janet I had recovered and so was able to have a brief exchange with the pair of them about cars. They used to have a teal blue MGB GT and seemed quite impressed that I had come to the con in my carmine red one.

  Then there was time for another guest panel before coffee with Scott. He was most interesting, even if us lot talked more than he did. He had been asked the night before if Carnell was gay and seemed a little disconcerted that anyone should fail to notice that the man in question liked women as well. Other than that we talked more about non-B7 stuff like his production work and the play he's writing at the moment. I mentioned that Gemma wants me to write audio plays and Scott was suitably encouraging, so that will be my likely contribution to the April writing-circle thing.

  I met Ros Williams for the first time and we talked more after we were kicked out of the coffee room too. Mostly about Carnell and Travis, strangely enough.

  Then it was the closing ceremony and I remembered that I was supposed to be taking photos. I'll put those up later.

  I left the con in good time and Torvin refused to start. Having checked all the obvious I called the AA and went back to chat with con-goers again. I would have liked to talk to Scott Fredericks again as he was in the bar but he was deep in conversation with a rather attractive woman so I left them to it (he did say good bye to me though when they both left)

  The MG problem turned out to be wiring and once the nice garage bloke had faffed with it we got home just after eight.

  All in all a fun weekend. For my next trick I'll write a review of the new Kaldor City thing.


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